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Established in the year 1992, Specialized in the field of custom made foods. The company has two divisions – Marine and Agri. The company is a part of Relish Group, having business interest, in the field of plantation, cultivation, collection of agri products, seafood processing. The export of seafood and other foodstuff is upt to the mark gaining global appreciation.

The quality standard of HACCP and US FDA is excellently maintained. The experts equipped with the wealth of excellent experiences promote the rapid growth of Relish Group.

Our Products

Casova/Tapioca:- The land for the cultivation of Tapioca is scientifically prepared to ensure the quality production and study, continous supply of Tapioca products of the best of it's kind. - Frozen Tapioca, Frozen Chopped Tapioca, Frozen Gratted Tapioca, Cooked Tapioca, Raw-Chopped-Dried Tapioca, Chopped-Cooked-Dried Tapioca, Dried Chips Tapioca.